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Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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Services & Amenities

At THE TRINITY RESORT we value our guests, families and their time. We strive to provide quality service, convenience and comfort at any time of the day — all services at The Trinity Resort are 24/7.  FAMILY . . .  Welcome HOME!


At The Trinity RESORT we’re outfitted with Six (6) Restaurants, for your convenience, with One (1) Jerk Pit & One (1) Internet Café.  They are as follows:

3 Main Restaurants – 1.  Heaven’s Manna  (Bread); 2. Seven (7) Feast (Meals);  3. Massah Meribah Rock (Water Rock)

3 Novelty Restaurants – 1.  Oil of Gladness (Chinese) Huānlè zhī yóu; 2. Olive Branch (Italian); 3. Divine Sea Lé Grille (Seafood)

1 Jerk Pit – Joseph Pit (JPIT)

Internet Café – The Palm Tree Café

Gym - Spa - Yoga

Here at The Trinity RESORT, we have a fully equipped functioning Gym for All your exercise needs, along with a Total Spa Package consisting of your Beauty Care requirements.

Weddings & Honeymoon

We cater, and pay attention to, meticulous details for all your Wedding / Honeymoon / Renewal of Vows Destination Planning and Requests.

Meeting Rooms

The Trinity RESORT is fully equipped with 3 Meeting Rooms, tastefully design and decorated for your Entertainment / Meeting requirements.  They are located West of the JORDAN POOL on the Right Side of our Main Building.
These are your Places of Refuge! Kedesh  –  Shechem  –  Hebron

Conference Rooms

The Trinity RESORT is fully equipped with 3 Conference Rooms, tastefully design and decorated for your Entertainment / Conference requirements.  They are located East of the JORDAN POOL on the Left Side of the Main Building. These are your Places of Refuge.

Golan  –  Ramoth  –  Bosor (Bezer)

Banquet Facilities

As Your Dreams Are Realized . . .  At The Trinity RESORT, you will be intrigued by the grounds beauty and natural surroundings that cradles our Five (5) Banquet Facilities, (Utopia Place, Solomon’s Temple, Cana’s Miracle, The Cenacle (Upper Room), and Heaven’s Gate).  Enthrall by the Ocean’s ebb and flo waves, the cool breeze cascading to and FRO comforting you.

As your Events unfolds and fulfill, all your hidden silhouette imperfections are rationalized with much anticipation, only to discover your MIRACULOUS transforming, Spiritual Enchanted Vision of Dreams, charges you to overcome, enrapture in Spiritual Learning, Spiritual instituted thinking with balance of Glorious Victory and positive forward movement experiencing the abode in Supreme bliss.

Utopia Place     Solomon’s Temple
Cana’s MiracleThe Cenacle
Heaven’s Gate


The Trinity RESORT is outfitted with Four (4) Communal Swimming Pools, for your Spiritual Relaxation; Gathering Waters – Feeding of the multitudes; Jordon River – Truth, Trust, Purification and Cleansing; Manifestation Brooks – Miracles happen; and the Red Sea – Greatest Miracle took place as Moses Stretch forth his Rod and God parted the Red Sea for us to cross over, journeying to the Land of Canaan, which was Promised to us.

Gathering Waters       – Jordan River
Manifestation BrooksRed Sea

Day Care

FOR A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM. We take care of your precious little ones, and FORBID THEM NOT to come unto thee.  Teaching them how to Climb and maintain Prayer and Worship, how to exhale for their Spiritual Protection and Growth.

Transcending playfully from a child’s innocent Spirit, they embrace fearlessly, the flow from Spirit to a child, as children are in obedience.  They are the fruits of the womb, our heritage, precious they are in the sight of The TRINITY. The core values of their Personal Savior protecting them always.  They can play in their own designated Red Sea ground pool and top it off in their Jubilee Chamber Celebration Room.


The Trinity RESORT is outfitted with Two (2) Unique Boutiques, Heavenly Gifts & Given Talents.

For the Intent and purpose of your Heavenly Gifts & Given Talents purchases as souvenirs at one of our Boutiques, a sentiment token of where you’ve been, and in memory of your stay at The Trinity RESORT.  Sharing of this remembrance gift to commemorate your Spiritual experience at our Family Resort.


To compliment The Trinity RESORT’s Humble Beginnings, we have added, for your convenience, pampering and enjoyment, an array of Complimentary Services, to make your stay more relaxing, adventurous, and pleasant, with a mix of Butler, Concierge and Room Services at / for your convenience, in addition to your Luggage Porter.

Sports / Outings

The Trinity RESORT, takes pleasure in making sure your stay with us, is one you will ALWAYS reflect back on with a smile.

Memorable     Days Trips

Awesome       Sightseeing

Reflective       Excursions and,

Enjoyable       Water Sports


The Trinity RESORT is built on the Foundation of Strength and Divine Spiritual Guidance.  As our Performing Ministers delivers to you, under the Anointing Power of the HOLY TRINITY, in the Sanctuary Symposium Theatre, bringing Sacrifices of Praises into the House of the Lord, you will be entranced, as the Spirit moves and is ushered into PRAISE and WORSHIP. Through this Performing Ministry, you will find yourself expose to The Holy Spirit’s Anointing Presence, which will entertain you in releasing yourself to Him.  For everything that has Breath PRAISE the LORD!

Communal Courts

With your jolt surge of energy, our Communal Game Courts will challenge your ability and physical durability to confront the grueling game ahead, pulling from your Inner Spiritual Strength coupled with your outer form, enabling your Team Members and your Opponents to work for that GameSetMatchWIN !


As The TRINITY is outfitted with three (3) Chapels, The GRACE of God DOES NOT give us a license to Live however we want.  It brings Order, Discipline, mingled with the FRUITS and the GIFTS of the Holy Spirit.

Staying connected to the Vine (Jesus Christ), spending time with and through Him to the Father (God), growing in your ability to maintain and have the Mind of Christ.  Setting the perimeter and boundaries for / to our daily lives.

We are Transformed into our New Beginnings, not Conforming to our old ways, but through our Leap of Faith, we carry like a Mustard Seed, our Transformation is outwardly visible, through our Change in Physical, Mental and Spiritual Appearances.

Still Waters run deep, as you be Still and Know that He’s God, and no matter the turbulence in the Waters or Oceans, He can calm ANY roaring Sea in our Lives.

The TRINITY has awakened us into this beautiful Garden Maze Chapel, the Perpetual Light overshadowing your Spirits, as both are made to be one, Grace speaks on your behalf and accomplish with your Vows spoken between witnesses and joined by God.  A Union Covenant not to be broken.

Security - Safe & Sound

At THE TRINITY RESORT, we know how important it is to be safe, at peace, and restful, so we took the liberty and equipped our facilities and property with 24 / 7 Security, for your protection and comfort along with the Highest Security known . . . THE TRINITY.
Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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